How To Create A Blog And Make A Living From It as A Student 2018/2019

If you want to appear well in front of employers, you need more than certificate, you need skills to boost yourself, the skill i am putting you through is How To Create A Blog And Make A Living From It Has A Student 2018/2019 sit down and enjoy the ride.
Before you even think of creating a blog you need to focus on the below keys before checking for a developer on fiverr or you contact us.

Pick out a Niche

We have many popular blogging niches which are trending and have more room for blogging advice. The niche are as follows making money online, marketing, fitness, technology, food and fashion.

N/B : Please Dont try to write on to many topics on the niche you decide to chose.

For Example If you chose Music niche, you can’t beat Naijaloaded or Waploaded Income so easily. Those authority sites took years to get where they are now. they more you focus on a particular niche the more you gain more audience and make more money.


Decide On The Type Of Blog

Are you trying to open a site for review? Or are you trying to build authority blog from beginning  so you can enjoy the best feedback ? Decide how you want to start your blog before you even begin looking for a custom domain name.


Follow they footsteps of masters in the game

No matter the niche you are trying to blog on, you must always have big men who have already been in the game and are making big from it, so learn everything do even how the make money ask questions, a good master must always tell his/her success story, so don’t be scared even if they tell you it wont be easy. with this step it will give you tons of backing on your journey ahead.


Try and sell affiliate products on your blog

Every body now know that affiliate product selling is the #1 way to make more money from blogging. all you have to do is advertise a product to your wide audience and get commission for sales it is that simple.

This are the few affiliate marketing tips to get you started

  • Write a nice product review and use the affiliate link in your article this will help you generate buyers
  • Please don’t make the mistake of promoting the product you don’t use on your blog.
  • Chose the correct kind of affiliate product.


Create your own products and sell on your blog

Why only sell people’s product when you can create your own you can still use the above tips to sell your own product and it will sale.


Join Or Add Google adsense to your Blog

Almost all the bloggers knows that google adsense is the most trusted and reliable ads company you can think of, making successful bloggers have made a google living from google adsense, if your blog is already set you can register on their site here


Sell your services online

If you have services you can also render to your audience for a price please gladly do it, because you can now render some services online without even getting to meet they person,


Get Paid to write reviews

Have you ever know that some bloggers get paid to write reviews of several products or brands? Yes, there are a ton of bloggers who write and publish paid reviews on their sites to make decent money. so you cant be an exception to this.


Learn How To Create The Blog

Yea, i said it setup a blog, unlike before that all site were not responsive and there was no smart phone to view blogging website like and, site like wordpress is now responsive so you can blog with your smartphone and the sweetest thing about this two platform i mention above is that the both have mobile apps and after registering and downloading their app you are good to go.

you can read my earlier post of 5 Ways to make a good living from your smartphone 2018

So how do you start?

You start by making a decision,

Which platform should i use?

Do i need a web designer?

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With me now you don’t need to ask yourself all this question without solution because am here for you.

Platform To Use: For me i prefer WORDPRESS.ORG because you have control over everything, and i would advice you to contact web developers like me or any developer you know.

My Details so i can create a nice site for you at a cheaper rate

Whatsapp only – +2349021948292

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I will be Expecting you.

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