20 paying business you can start with less than 100k in Nigeria

Many people have been asking me top paying business the can start with low capital, after I wrote a post about 8 smart business to invest 100 thousand in nigeria.

So I list down 20 paying business you can start with less than 100k in Nigeria.

1. Hair dressing/ Barbing Salon
2. Plantain chips production and sales
3. Restaurant services
4. Home tutor services
5. Tailoring/ fashion designing
6. Catering services
7. Day care services
8. Affiliate marketing
9. Poultry farming
10. Dog breeding and sales

11. Cat fish farming
12. Cassava Farming
13. Local garri processing & sales
14. Sales of mobile phone accessories
15. Football viewing centre
16. Web development & consultancy
17. Liquid soup and perfume production and sales
18. Beads and hat making

19. Computer and phone repairs services
20. Snail farming

So with this list you research more on the one that would be more comfortable for you to start in your area.

Because you start any of this business you should try and draw out a plan for your business, have a name because even if you want to start small you still have to build a standard for yourself because businesses like this always go far if you put your mind in it and do it well, and put down your budget for your business, because your budget will be the first to kick start your business.

Dont forget to learn more about the business you have chosen to venture into, because it is better to prepare for opportunity than for opportunity to come to you and you are not prepared it will be a very bad start for your business so try starting with your family members if possible to grow yourself if you aren’t an expect in the field you decided to chose and invest in and if you are religious in nature don’t forget to call your creator to help you grow you’re business enjoy and keep visiting pulsenaija.

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