MorachiNigerian Singer Morachi said that It is only in Nigerians we have online Beggars. Posting the screenshot on his IG page this afternoon, Morachi wrote.
”Only Nigerians do this & soon might start to infect other Neighboring countries in africa with this deadly virus ? ….a lot of other African countries experience hardship just like Nigeria but whatever support they give to their artistes is truly genuine from their heart & they expect nothing in return…but in the recent day Nigeria fans might not want to listen to a good song except you do give Away’s & song challenge & after the give Away’s & song challenge the songs still don’t make it to the top….i don’t know how we got to this place but i am going to predict something right here and right now & that is, if we continue this way then i foresee serious danger & damage that might be hard to repair….I don’t care who gets offended by this, we hate the truth & i really can’t be bothered….few years from now when the damage is done some of y’all might remember morachi made a post regarding this situation…so until then let’s all pretend like it’s all good when it’s not & keep up with the suffering and smiling ??