Mc Lively or Cute Abiola – Who Is A Better Comedian?

Mc Lively or Cute Abiola – Who Is A Better Comedian?

Mc Lively and Cute Abiola seem to be at the same level when it comes to Instagram Comedy skit making.

These two guys have been consistent in making their huge fanbase laugh over the years and of course, the vast majority of Nigerians on Instagram love their works.

Mc Lively

He is one talented comedian gifted in playing the roles of a useless Barrister, senseless neighbor, and talkative unemployed graduate.

Mc Lively‘s comedy is in most cases well-plotted, thereby showcasing creativity in his craft.

Cute Abiola

The Ilorin bred Instagram comedian named Cute-Abiola has over the years made many Nigerians get addicted to his comedy skits.

Until recently where Abiola started engaging other people in his comedy skits when he started he was always alone in his skits and they are always very funny as hell.

You all already know these two talented comedians bu we’ve got a question for you 👇

Between Mc Lively & Cute Abiola – Who Do You Think Is A Better Comedian?

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